Team Lead: Jonathan Spraul

Jonathan Spraul is a junior Aerospace Engineering Student from central Illinois. This is his first year on the Notre Dame Rocketry Team. He has been building and launching model rockets since he was in second grade, and is excited about the opportunity to continue that hobby at Notre Dame. He hopes to one day work in the space industry helping to design and build launch vehicles to put things into space. He is currently working on getting his pilot's license, and hopes to complete that this summer. He also spends way too much of his free time playing Kerbal Space Program.

Christine Joseph is a senior majoring in electrical engineering at Notre Dame. This is her first year on the Notre Dame Rocketry Team and she is excited to put her electronics knowledge and experience to use on the Recovery Subsystems team. Christine was inspired to become an engineer after spending a week at Johnson Space Center with the High School Aerospace Scholars program. She aspires to one day work at NASA and/or the aerospace industry. Christine is also involved in her residence hall council, enjoys reading young adult novels, and likes attempting esoteric sports.

Riley Mullen is a freshman studying Aerospace Engineering. This is his first year on the Notre Dame Rocketry Team, and he hopes that he can learn more about the field of Aerospace Engineering. He has learned a lot from the other members of the team, and he hopes to one day work on spacecraft and in the space exploration industry.  He competed in the Astronomy event at Science Olympiad in high school, and knew he wanted to study Aerospace since then. He enjoys reading, playing hockey, and the New Jersey Devils