Team Lead: Christine Joseph
Co-Lead: Benny Richmond

Christine Joseph is a senior majoring in electrical engineering at Notre Dame. This is her first year on the Notre Dame Rocketry Team and she is excited to put her electronics knowledge and experience to use on the Recovery Subsystems team. Christine was inspired to become an engineer after spending a week at Johnson Space Center with the High School Aerospace Scholars program. She aspires to one day work at NASA and/or the aerospace industry. Christine is also involved in her residence hall council, enjoys reading young adult novels, and likes attempting esoteric sports.

Benny Richmond is a junior studying Electrical Engineering at Notre Dame, and a third year member of the rocketry team. In past years he has designed and built parts of a Hazard Scanning Payload, worked with communications, and been in charge of designing and building the Ground Station. This year he is a squad leader for the communications payload, and will be involved with all the electronic systems on the rocket. Benny is a member of Air Force ROTC, and plans to be a developmental engineer or cyber warfare officer after college. He is also involved in many other clubs at Notre Dame, including the Sailing Team, Air Force Honor Guard, lacrosse club, and RC Aircraft club.

Christopher Jarocki is a junior Aerospace Engineering major from Duluth, MN, this is Christopher's first year on the Notre Dame Rocketry Team, and a great fit for him as he is passionate about space exploration. His love for rockets started with small Estes rockets with his brothers, and watching "October Sky" as a small child. Outside of the workshop, he can be found on just about any interhall roster, including baseball, volleyball and hockey. His free time is spent running, working out and learning about history, particularly the World War I and II eras. LOCATION

Zak Kousens is a freshman studying computer engineering at Notre Dame. He is originally from San Diego, California. He is currently working on the communications squad, specifically by writing programs to use with the Arduino based GPS payload. Zak is a cadet in Air Force ROTC, and hopes to fly in the Air Force after graduation. In his free time, Zak enjoys skiing, fishing, and watching sports.